Part-Time CFO Services

Part-Time CFO and Controller Services in Uniontown, PA

In order to continue growing after a certain amount of success, it is often necessary for mid-sized and larger businesses to establish c-suite positions. However, while these positions are integral to the continued success of a venture, the salary of experienced, full-time corporate officers can be prohibitively expensive.

Frazier, Sandzimier & Company offers a solution to these businesses through part-time CFO and controllership services in Uniontown. Part-time CFO services allow mid-sized businesses to benefit from the experience and insight of a financial professional without the high cost, while controllership can help to ensure a proactive and effective operating budget based on your business’ current and projected cash flow. 

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Cash Flow Management and Projection

Our Uniontown controller assists clients with the data collection, planning, and management of cash flow for their businesses. We get to know clients’ business structures and the types of planning that will best benefit them in the immediate and long term. With cash flow management, we help to limit unnecessary expenditures and lower overhead costs to enhance clients’ profit margins. 

Cash flow projection also helps to enhance our clients’ efforts to grow their business. Planning helps to ensure that future tax obligations are considered, and can prevent potential cash shortfalls when reconciling accounts or paying down debts that businesses incur during the expansion process.

Immediate and Long-Term Business Planning

As a part-time CFO, we strive to help your business identify a direction for optimal growth in your particular vertical. Should your business already have an actionable plan, we help to establish the steps that can be made to reach your particular goals. When planning for your business, our part-time CFO examines your business’ physical and liquid assets to see how they might be leveraged for continued success in the future.

As the chief financial officer for your company, our accounting professional provides advisory services for regular purchases, sales, acquisitions, and more. This ensures that any transactions will yield maximum benefits for your business’ ongoing operations, or else will help you to realize the full the value of your business towards retirement or your next venture.

Establishing Controls and Connecting Businesses

Another benefit of employing our Uniontown part-time CFO is the refinement of current bookkeeping and accounting practices for your business. We oversee the accounting operations, create controls unique to your business’ needs, and help to effectively implement these controls to protect your bottom line.

Once we have implemented an accounting protocol that meets your personal needs, we can take over as the point of contact for your venture’s financial connections. By combining our controller and part-time CFO services, we are able to provide your business with a suite of services custom-made to help you achieve financial success.

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