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Frazier Sandzimier & Company, CPAs, & Consultants Helps You Start your Business in Dunbar

Starting a business can be both exciting and daunting. As business and accounting experts in Dunbar, we can help you take your venture concept and make it a reality. Frazier Sandzimier & Company, CPAs, & Consultants has a long history of providing critical services to new and developing businesses, acting as your ally from startup to success. 

Our team offers reliable, responsive, and personable service. We understand the difficulties in operating a business, and provide our expertise to guide you through the stages of ownership. 

Entity Selection

New owners want to begin offering their services or products right away. To be fully operational as an enterprise, however, you must have the right foundation in place. Business entities determine how ownership is shared, if you have partners, the kind of legal protection you have, and how the business is taxed. Sole proprietorships offer limited protection for your assets in a legal situation, while a corporation offers much more. 

Your entity should also be chosen according to your long-term plans. Do you want it to remain a small business permanently, or do you wish to have the freedom to grow and expand? These are a few of the considerations when selecting an entity. Frazier Sandzimier & Company, CPAs, & Consultants will help you choose one that suits your current and long-term goals. 

Accounting Processes

Managing and establishing financial functions is another hurdle owners face. This involves a range of essential business facets, from setting up accounts receivable to installing accounting software that manages cash flow. Our CPA firm can help you install software and make informed decisions regarding your accounting structure. We emphasize efficiency and clarity of information for your accounts, as it is most beneficial to comprehend how your money is moving. 

Another focus of our accounting services is goal creation. Financial success is determined by an owner’s ability to improve profit margins. We help owners select achievable goals and offer advice as the business progress, from reducing costs to discovering opportunities. Over time, our part-time CFO/controller services may be what your business needs to achieve its potential. 

Tax Compliance

Taxes are a significant cost for any and all businesses. In the beginning, it’s easy to make a mistake in organizing, and preparing tax documents, which are missed opportunities for additional savings. Our CPAs offer assistance in creating a system for your tax and financial records, helping you pay precisely what you owe. Besides avoiding the severe penalties of underpaying or not paying, we want to maximize your savings year over year. 

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