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IRS Representation by Frazier, Sandzimier, & Company in Uniontown 

Have you received an audit from the IRS or state auditors and you’re unsure of what to do? Frazier Sandzimier & Company, CPAs, & Consultants is well-equipped to relieve your fears and construct a strategy to resolve financial discrepancies. Our firm serves businesses and individuals in Dunbar, and has extensive experience in dealing with audits. 

We provide full-service audit representation, utilizing our experience and knowledge of the tax code to restore financial security, or to reduce what’s owed. Whether a client’s situation is complex, or simply a matter of paying off tax debt, our CPA’s and accountants will proactively cater to these issues to ensure favorable results. Contact us today if you need help with an audit. 

Relieving your Auditing Fears 

Many who receive audit notices immediately assume they’re in trouble. In most cases, this is not true, and we will walk clients through their notice, informing them of their true standing. Whether it was a miscalculation in taxes owed, an issue with foreign accounts, or even a deliberate action, we will advise clients on what they should do next. 
Our primary goal with audits is to reduce client fears and help figure out what to do differently in the future.

Frazier Sandzimier & Company, CPAs, & Consultants stands by clients in their immediate needs, and creates a plan that enables your business or personal accounts to stay out of trouble. Our team prides itself on not only fixing problems, but introducing strategies that aid clients in the long run.  

Expert IRS Representation in Dunbar

After we collect tax payment and account records, we assume full control of the situation. We will meet with auditors in our office, and organize the facts for proper audit resolution. Our professional CPA’s and accountants work to give clients a determination that limits their tax penalties. If necessary, we can assume power of attorney and work with other lawyers to minimize the offense. Whether your audit is the result of a simple miscalculation, or an intended offense, we strive to find a solution that results in a more favorable result. 

After the audit is resolved, we provide additional services to help clients avoid audits in the future. Staying on top of tax information and the most relevant policies is part of our duty to clients, giving you a leg up when preparing your filing year over year. With us, you have an ally that seeks your best interest, in business and in personal finances. 

Need Tax or Audit Help? Call Frazier Sandzimier & Company, CPAs, & Consultants

Our firm is passionate about establishing confidence in your finances, and an audit threatens that confidence. Allow us to help you recover stability and trust in your finances, today. Call us for a free consultation. We serve Dunbar, and the surrounding cities of Connellsville, and Morgantown, WV. 

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