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Frazier Sandzimier & Company, CPAs, & Consultants is your resource for expert financial planning, helping individuals manage their resources to achieve their goals. Individuals in Dunbar and surrounding areas can benefit from our team of dedicated accountants, who can advise you on how to improve your financial standing. Our team provides individual attention to every client, and fashions a financial plan based around your wishes. 

If you’re looking to improve your personal finances, plan for the future, or receive assistance with a large portfolio, consider Frazier Sandzimier & Company, CPAs, & Consultants. We have served the Dunbar community of individuals and businesses for many years, and our firm is committed to providing quality financial planning services. 

Comprehensive Financial Planning 

Beginning with a free consultation, we will discuss current standing and goals with your personal finances. Then, we create a tailored strategy, which focuses on improving your financial standing long-term, and ethically reduce the amount of taxes owed. This will act as a guideline for us to follow, and we will take the time to explain the strategy thoroughly. We utilize our experience to guide our decisions regarding your investments or finances, and strive to make the best of opportunities to improve accounts, or provide new methods in which to save more money. 


We support clients with these and many more services, and you can find full list on our services page. Our team acts as a financial team, cooperatively aiding clients and enhancing their financial accounts. 

Helping parents Plan for College

Sending your child to college is a unique financial challenge, requiring discipline and long-term planning. Our firm wants to help you send your child to college, and we offer our wealth of experience to accomplish this goal. We sit with parents and review their financial situation, establishing a plan based on individual standing, providing advice on spending behavior and how to minimize debt. Our firm can act as a liaison when parents need assistance with their investments, obtaining insurance or attorneys to settle accounts. Frazier Sandzimier & Company, CPAs, & Consultants guides parents through this process from beginning to end, and will always provide support when you need it. 

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It’s our passion to serve Dunbar, Connellsville, and Morgantown, WV with personal financial assistance. We understand the difficulty in managing financial resources on top of the obligations of daily life. Frazier Sandzimier & Company, CPAs, & Consultants is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their financial goals. Call us today and schedule a free consultation to improve your personal finances.

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